A Few Liters of Dried Rituals

  • sound performance
  • River and Sun Spa
  • Luhačovice
  • Czech Republic

This sound event took place in summer of 2019 in the former River and Sun Spa in Luhačovice, Czech Republic. The swimming pool, which was designed by famous architect Dušan Jurkovič in the beginning of 19 century, today is slowly falling apart.
We filled up the holes on the pool's bottom by natural kaolin pigments, in order to light up the process of its degradation.
Kaolin's blots, which durning drying process gets breaks and degrades, is here used as a symbol of decline and loosing local history.
Three acoustic musicians were performing an minimalistic and repetitive composition, which due to their tiredness and exhaustion, unnoticeably breaks down and spreaded apart.